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Dear Babies,

Eight years ago today I found myself in a hospital bed waiting for a picc line and cerclage. I had gone to my weekly appointment with my maternal fetal specialist on a Friday only to be told that my cervix was dilated and that I wouldn't be leaving the hospital until my pregnancy was over. I guess I should've expected it because there was nothing normal about having a quintuplet pregnancy but I was totally unprepared. I had already been on bedrest for four weeks and everything had been going smoothly for such a high-risk pregnancy. I had been in touch with other quint moms, doctors who delivered quints and quads regularly, and had a lot of faith in my doctors locally. I never had a thought that I would lose you but that day in the hospital when the checked me in for what would hopefully be the rest of the summer, I couldn't picture staying there. It just didn't seem like a reality.

Aunt Whitney flew out and was with Dad and me. She situated my fan and got me ice (magnesium to stop labor is a beast and makes you feel awful), she massaged my feet with lotion, and did more service than I can list. That was one of the reasons I was excited for you to have each other (4 girls and 1 lucky brother). Sisters take care of each other.

8 years ago today was the last day you were with me in a physical sense. More than just the constant movement and discomfort that comes from carrying 5 babies at once, I started to feel different personalities in there. I was so excited to see if I was right (I’ve since had twins and have confirmed these personality glimpses are quite true as they get older).

8 years ago tomorrow is both your birth and death date. I won’t go into details here. But I want you to know that I am aware of the miracle of your short lives. We were cared for by doctors, countless prayers, and human shields in the form of friends and family who gave us space to process. I was given my life so I could create more life. Your dad and I were given Leah, Thomas, James, and Simon so we could heal. And we were given you, our own angel team, to motivate us for the rest of our lives. Because you're there, heaven feels a little closer and very real.

So, happy birthday tomorrow, my beautiful first-borns! Love you forever.


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