The Three Mother Hens Story

Three sisters, formerly known as Hendrix

We are sisters who are also best friends. It wasn't always this way but when we lost our mom to pancreatic cancer in 2006 we turned to one another to fill the giant void left in her absence. She was the kind of mom who called each of us everyday, sometimes more than once. Her calls usually started with "I had a thought," because we were always on her mind. We knew that if we were going to make it without her we would need to look after one another.

At the time she passed away, Whitney was a new mom who had just moved back in with her family to help care for mom, Katie was a newly wed living and working far from home in DC, and Megan was a college student living away from home. Even though we weren't in the same state we started to talk everyday to stay connected. We still do to this day. 

Once we all became mothers our conversations changed. We talk about our kids and our struggles, our joys and sorrows. We talk about our mother friends and what we admire about them or tips they've shared. We share recipes and movie reviews. We talk about what works for all of us and what we do differently. And on days when we are stuck at home with sick kids or small babies, these conversations make all the difference. 

Our Mom, Barb

Our mom loved and revered her mom. She was one of four daughters so she not only raised all girls but was raised in a family of all girls. She cherished her relationships with the women in her life. She celebrated their unique gifts and loved to spend time with them. She passed that on to us. We've been blessed by a community of stand-in mothers, giving advice and encouragement when we are missing it from our own mom. These are grandmothers, aunts, mothers-in-law, cousins, friends, and colleagues. Their support means the world to us. We we want to share that with each of you. 

We welcome you to our site, like  mom would welcome friends into her home. The only thing that would make this better is if we could give each of you a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie or some caramel corn to snack on while you read. Thanks for being here! 

Who are the Three Mother Hens?

I'm Whitney, First Born of the Mother Hens

I have 4 chicks in my nest and a wonderful husband. I love Diet Coke, reading, shopping, and watching my kids do what they love, especially when it's playing football. (Yes, I'm the crazy yelling mom on the sidelines! Sorry in advance.) I love making treats and sharing them with people I love, something I get from my Mom. I am working hard every day to be the best mom I can be, even though it's hard to always be patient with my kids. I just hope they always know how much I love them. 

I'm Katie, Typical Middle Child

I have four chicks in my nest, brought to us by the miracle of IVF. I thought that just becoming a mother would be the defining point of my journey but after miscarriage, premature twins, a baby with cerebral palsy, and an infant with a cataract I'm learning that circumstances don't define you; what you do in your circumstances does. I have an incredibly supportive husband who is the preferred parent most of the time. I have spent my years parenting trying to capture some of the patience and long suffering from my own mom but have a long way to go! 

I'm Megan, the Baby Mother Hen

I have three chicks in my nest and a husband who loves the outdoors (something I'm learning to love, slowly but surely). I have been called "Mother Megan" by my family since I was little because I would close up the house each night (fluff pillows and lock doors). What can I say, I like order! That has spilled over into my mothering. I love a routine and a good list. Our mom was a great planner and list maker, but her real joy seemed to come from the many gatherings with friends and family. We all love to do the same. Since I followed mom into the field of teaching, I love doing lessons and experiments with my kids. I am so excited to have my oldest in school.